Citadel Space

What is Citadel Space?

Industry drives the economy, and in order to be effective in that influence, industry requires the support of combat and intelligence efforts to operate securely.

Tealstone CEO, Citadel Space
The Citadel Space Corporation is a casual group of mature, like-minded folks who have come together for the purpose of enjoying good company while playing a great game. Our goal is to achieve a strong economic position in the universe through active industrial ventures and by engaging in exploration and asset procurement with the support of intelligence and reconnaissance operations.

We've tried to organize ourselves to accomodate several play styles, including an optional structured system for folks looking to progress through the ranks based on time server, as well as a merit based award system. Behind the scenes, our leadership will be planning official operations and creating as many opportunities for our pilots to fly together as possible.

Citadel Space is comprised of three cooperative and supporting, wings:

Adam & Eves
The Adam & Eves are the industrial face of Citadel Space. They are comprised of miners, traders, haulers and builders that make their name in the universe by accepting contracts to complete work for hire and living up to the reputation of being a reliable source of goods.

As the driving economic force, this role is crucial to the success of any company.

Hell's Angels
The Hell's Angels are the combat wing of Citadel Space. This group of warriors, explorers and privateers are tasked with setting about the galaxy with the mission of taking or defending assets, charting new paths in the universe, and supporting to industrial operations by providing escort.

Without the courage and skill of these pilots, we would have no ability to function.

Panda Bears
The Panda Bears are the intelligence and reconnaissance wing of Citadel Space. Charged with the task of supporting Citadel operations as a whole, this division is responsible for conducting special operations and advance scouting missions to determine threat levels in various regions of space and assessing the strategic value of targets of interest.

As our eyes and ears of the galaxy, the Panda Bears ultimately shape the our guiding strategic plan.

In short, we are primarily a PVE group that is comprised of mature, like-minded folks who enjoy the industrial and combat aspects of the game. While most of us are based out of the United States, Citadel Space is open to all English-speaking pilots in all timezones.

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Why Should I Join? In order to be successful, you generally need one of two things: money or support.

If you're a combat pilot, your expenses are great... Ships, modifications, guns, and ammunition all cost vast sums of money. Unless you're constantly running missions, being able to afford everything you need to get the ship you want can be problematic.

If you're an industrialist attempting to deliver a cargohold of high-value product across dozens of jumps, the likelihood of being attacked is significant. Having the support of fighter escorts to ensure your safe arrival makes the conclusion of the deal much sweeter.

With that in mind, the goal of Citadel Space, once the game is available, is to establish these three divisions within the squad, build a presence and be a supporting entity to the our members. We will strive to facilitate contract work and support industrial and construction operations, as well as provide opportunities for exploration and combat mission support.

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What are the Membership Requirements? We do have a few criteria for prospective members:
  1. Be at least 18 years of age. We're recruiting mature individuals who are looking for an enjoyable gaming experience.
  2. Have a microphone and be willing to use TeamSpeak 3 if you wish to engage in operations.
  3. While we are primarily a PVE group, we may engage in some PVP. Participation is not required; however, if you choose to engage in PVP, you must be respectful.
  4. No trolling, scamming or trash talk.
  5. Do your best to remain active. We understand that family, work and school take precedence of game activities, please do you best to throw us a heads-up if you're not able to make an operation you've previously committed to.
If you feel that you would fit in well, we invite you to apply to Citadel Space!

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