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Redeemer stats updated.

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Redeemer stats updated.

Postby leopard » Sat Nov 08, 2014 5:59 pm

It has more teeth now.
I'd suggest taking a look and thinking about whether or not it is worth the buy (we seem to have few of them in the corp so far).

Redeemer: ... deemer-LTI

Updated Specifications

CLASS-1 2× (2x S2) – 2x Omnisky IV Laser Cannon}
CLASS-3 2× (5x S4) – 2× (5x Talon ASIM-20/c Stalker V per rack)
CLASS-4 Unmanned twin turret (nose) (2x S3) – 2x KA 11-Series Broadsword (S3)
CLASS-4 Unmanned twin turret (flanks) (2x S4) – 2x Kroneg FL-33 (S4)
CLASS-5 Manned top twin turret (2x S3) – 2x KA 11-Series Broadsword (S3)
CLASS-5 Manned bottom twin turret (2x S3) – 2x KA 11-Series Broadsword (S3)
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