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Saturday Invitation Only Meeting

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Saturday Invitation Only Meeting

Postby Avalean » Fri Nov 22, 2013 6:01 am

Meeting is set up on the OPS Calendar.
Those with an Invitation should consider formally making your RSVP, ASAP.
Do not know if you got an Invite or not?
Check your PMs then to find out.

Tuxedos and appropriate apparel required.
Salad bar will open after the meeting, drinks are at your own expense.

Required executions to maintain silence will be conducted OUT of the formal living room area in the open garden court section of the mansion.

Complementary blindfolds and cigarettes will be provided for the select few.
Blood Splatter protection cover coats will be provided for the rest of the guest.

A donation will be taken ahead of time to cover for ammunition expenditures as well. Remember it is all for a good cause...

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