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Check Guild Calendar for Events and info

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Check Guild Calendar for Events and info

Postby Avalean » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:19 am

People be sure to check the Guild Calendar for upcoming activities.
To find the Guild Calendar at the top of the forums screen click OPS next to Main Site option.
Then simply click on any of the listed upcoming Operations, classes, courses, or events to read their write up.

Once in the Forums section as well is a listing of dates and related game material.

IF you do not want to go blindly clicking items just to see what they are, at least for the FL Discovery activities you can go to the Other Games Freelancer forum section and the 4th and 5th post on page one will always have the current updated basics to help you easily select what is going on by day and date. THEN you can go to the Calendar for more specific info for that date and time.
We will be going into our first full Operation this Sunday.

I Strongly suggest that people get the Nav and Comms courses as early as possible Saturday to leave you time to do a bit of practice.

ALSO for those who have yet to still get on board with the training classes and activities I will be making myself available to help people get things installed at GMT 0300 Saturday 16th, THIS SATURDAY!

No one can force you to participate, however we already know that like FL Discovery, SC will be using, Jump gates, Wormholes, landing at planets and stations and battleships, plus first person cockpit view combat. ALSO if the Mouse thing is not Your THANG, then simply get a mouse emulator for the joystick and you should be good to go.

There is really very little wiggle room on excuses not to make 2 simply classes, especially considering the amount of provided courses or activities, since there is simply so many being given at so many different GMTs at this time.

I certainly am not getting up at 2Am in the morning just to look at my computer screen, we do this for you folks the members.

Go see the Other Games Freelancer Forum Post, Page 1, Post 4 and 5 I think it is for current class and OPs activities, Post number 3 for basic Download info. have everything downloaded and ready for install procedures by the start time. Depending on download type and method this can take form 8 minutes to 3 hours so plan accordingly.

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