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Freelancer Nov 1 thru Nov 2nd:: BE THERE!

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Freelancer Nov 1 thru Nov 2nd:: BE THERE!

Postby Avalean » Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:49 pm

The Guild calendar has the posting for this and I will post future notices there for easy checking.
All posting times will be for now in GMT time.

Come in when you want and leave when you want.
Time starts GMT 1700 Friday November 1st
So for like me in Germany that would be about 4PM normal time as we are GMT -1

I would like to do a 24 hour marathon set up, game, and familiarization.
Basic concept is people come and go as they like but we try to keep at least 2 or more people in the server at any given time if possible.
In this way if any new people show up and need help setting up the files and game someone will be there who has already done it and so can walk them through the process no matter their time zone or work / Family hours.
it does no one any good to try playing when totally Beat or Brain dead.

Game time will start at Friday Nov 1: GMNT 1700 and end Sunday Nov 3 around GMT 20:00

AGAIN YOU DO NOT have to be there at the start or end or middle. Come and go as life dictates and as you can. I will try my best to be available for as long of a time stretch as possible. But I will need others to fill in my short nap gap times please.

OK folks after much consideration and testing we have decided to use the Discovery Mod Freelancer game.
Downloads can be found at the following site. ... sp=sharing

The ONLY file you really need is the:
00 FL Discovery Discover 4.87 file
and the
00 FL BKUP Install files.

The rest of the download files on the download link are simply extras and not required.
You can download them if you want and I can help you set those up as well.
The only others you need for now would be the:
FL Companion 2_02 file
and the
FL Datastorm file


Freelancer Server will be: Paulus Aussie Disco Portal
It gives the best average ping for all members we have tested it with worldwide to date.
ALSO this is not a required Role Play server so an extra bonus over the others to boot.

Grab me in the Guild TS3 server and we can go from there to unzip and install the files in proper order.
DO NOT try to set up or run those files until you have spoken to me please the old Install DOC file there is outdated.

I will get with blackwolf later to get the site cleaned up and refurbished.
So download the files before the event and then GET WITH ME FIRST please before unzipping or installing them.
You will need WinRAR or 7Zip to open the files as well or some Unzipping program that will work with RAR and Zip Files.

We will soon I hope have a set Freelancer Forum section in the Other games section that I will be able to manage, clean and update for all future freelancer Ops and gaming times.

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