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Lore Builder/Spectrum Dispatch

For role-play and story telling.

Lore Builder/Spectrum Dispatch

Postby ilovebunnies » Sun Oct 20, 2013 1:25 pm

So the latest issue of Spectrum Dispatch on the RSI website concerns lore building, and focused on racing:

https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm ... DER-RACING

They asked for submissions, so I posted something. I'm reposting it here since (a) it might be fun, and (b) I've never tried this before so feedback would be wonderful ;-)

Anyway, this leads on from the first `official' racing story:

Twenty years after the first Murray Cup this once underground race had blossomed into a galaxy-wide sporting event. The Murray Cup itself was the showpiece finale of a series of ten races, with the winner of the season crowned champion. Prize money was substantial, but the money made from commercial sponsorship was huge. Commercial sponsorship and professional teams were thus the norm rather than the exception.

In this era of professional drivers, one name rose above them all. George Ligeti was the first of the consummate professionals, ignoring his compatriots by eschewing the bawdy circus that surrounded the racing calendar. Often without a competitive ship, he made up for it with raw skill, utter dedication, and a single minded obsession with winning.

The Murray Cup of 2600 was a landmark both in year and in legacy. Heading into the final race of the season, only two drivers could clinch the year-end championship, George and his arch-rival Reynard Batenski, either by finishing ahead of the other. Soon after the race began, the eventual first and second place finishers were comfortably ahead of the field, but all eyes were on the duel for third place, between George and Reynard. Often moving at thousand of kilometers per hour, yet only yards apart, the two racers tore into each other, each unwilling to give an inch, both consumed with the fire of victory.

In the final stretches, the Murray Cup itself already won, both racers were heading into a tight turn around a small moon. George had the optimal line for the gravitic assist but Reynard had the faster ship, and was swarming all over the back of George trying to get by. The last the spectators saw of either racer was the sudden flare of Reynards aft jets as he swooped under Georges ship, both racers turning into the moons shadow.

Moments later, there was a spectacular burst of orange light that almost immediately faded to blackness.

Horrified race officials rushed to the scene, only to discover a debris field of scorched and twisted metal. Speculation was that George refused to cede the racing line, Reynard refused to drop back, and so the ships had finally collided. No remains of either racer were ever found.

The Murray Cup of 2600 had one of the most profound impacts on racing, even though the winner is now almost forgotten. Racer safety became a serious concern. Auto-launch escape pods became mandatory equipment on all craft, and gravitic assists were banned. But perhaps the most enduring legacy of that terrible day is that part of the modern Murray Cup racecourse is named the Ligeti Loop, in honour of Georges memory.
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Re: Lore Builder/Spectrum Dispatch

Postby EchoSeven » Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:13 am

Great effort!
Enjoyed the read very much.
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